Knights Annual MVP Boo-B-Que a Success!

On Oct. 24th, 2015, the Knights of Council 10355 sponsored and hosted the Annual Boo-B-Que for FOCUS of Georgia. This Halloween event is full of fun and food and is for medically-fragile children. We look forward to sharing fun with these special children. We received a very kind thank you letter from their coordinator, Elizabeth Hewell:

FOCUS is very grateful for your support of programs reaching over 4,000 Atlanta families of children with disabilities and serious illness.  Our MVP (medically vulnerable people) events are unique smaller gatherings for families who are caring for a child who is frequently hospitalized, confined to a wheelchair, or have additional supportive medical equipment (Oxygen tanks, tracheotomy, etc.)  I am so pleased and delighted the Knights of Columbus continues to be a part in providing precious memories to our families. These events mean so much to our families who usually have days filled with therapy, doctors’ appointments and hospital stays. Thank you again!

Monthly Notes – July 2015

  1. Reminder from Holy Cross that when the church is locked, the KOC must obtain permission to use the church. The KOC will be given access so that no alarms will be set off.
  2. The Garden ministry needs a shed for tools. Bro. Steve Liuzza is looking into a trailer/container for this and perhaps space for the wrecking crew to store furniture.
  3. Father Jude Michael would like the Mass of remembrance enhanced and made more spiritual, perhaps move to the sanctuary for the entire Holy Cross to participate. More details to follow.
  4. Bro. John Stevens is researching information about Squires (youth) and Columbettes (women), associates of the KOC.
  5. Email from Department of Religious Education, Barb Garvin, more catechist are needed for the youth program. Please contact Barb Garvin.
  6. CRHP women meet this weekend and CRHP men meet in three weeks.
  7. The Burmese community assists with landscape of Holy Cross and the KOC are feeds them
  8. We now have 230 members.
  9. There will be a 2nd degree held in August.
  10.  September 12, 2015 will be a 3rd degree at St. Pius X in Conyers, GA.
  11. Sandwich Ministry will start back up after the summer off. August 7th is when we will next meet at 6:30pm.
  12. Bro. Tom Carney and Bro. James Coltrane of the Wrecking Krewe delivered a truck and a trailer full of furniture for the Burmese community yesterday. Thanks to Bro. Hudson for the trailer.
  13. Our Family of the Month was the Bro. Dan Holmes Family.
  14. The Knight of the Month was Denis Clos.
  15. The Soccer Challenge will be on September 12th with the Parish Picnic.
  16. Please pray for: David Crawford, Denis Clos, Steve Defilice, Fred Stephenson, Rose Kelly, Vin Bryce, Diane and Walter Kahres and Betty Jo Kelly.


Monthly Notes – May 2015

  1. Welcome back to Outside Guard, Bro. Steve Defilice who had a severe stroke in February.
  2. David Crawford had a successful heart valve surgery.

  3. On May 31, 2015, approximately 26 will be receiving the first degree in their native language if possible.

  4. Fourth degree at the youth conference downtown on June 5th and 6th.

  5. Steak night might be held in September or October

  6. June 6th in Greensboro, GA a 2nd and 3rd degree will be held.

  7. There might be a possible 3×3 soccer tournament with a church picnic and a youth fundraiser.

  8. July will have a drama camp in the third week. We will not have breakfast for July.

  9. Tim Nadowski invited us to his Ordination on June 24th.

  10. Father Jude Michael thanked the Council for the donation to the Parish.
  11. Father Jude Michael thanked the Council for cleaning the kitchen.

  12. Next Sandwich Ministry will be August 7th.
  13. Project Selma, AL is a bus ride with Priest for Life to Selma. AL for the protection of the unborn abortion rally in Selma.

  14. We received congratulations from the state Grand Knight on our council celebrating its 25th anniversary.
  15. Please pray for: David Crawford, Denis Clos, Steve Defilice, Fred Stephenson, Rose Kelly, Mareihe Neuemann, Catherine Baker, Gary Maxwell, Jimmy Gallow, Barbara Craft.


34 New Knights Join Our Council 10355!

Brother Knights,

We are please to welcome the 34 new Knights who joined our order with a First Degree on Sunday, May 31.

What a wonderful event. The Assembly Hall was full and we had State Officers in attendance!

The Ceremony had some fun and interesting differences — the new Knights speak the Zo language. They are from Burma.

Fr. Mark Thang Khan Ai presided as he also speaks Zo. He conducted the Ceremony and make explanations in English for us!

Vivat Jesus!

Don Cirino
Grand Knight Council 10355

Monthly Notes – April 2015

  1. Fr. Jude Michael thanked the KOC for the bunny suit for Easter.
  2. Deacon Tim Dekowski is finishing the Seminary. He will be ordained at Christ the King on June 27th at 10:30 am. His first Mass will be the following day at St. Jude at 2:30 pm.
  3. A Pro-Life gift shop will be set up in the Narthex for a clearance sale at this time of confirmations and graduations.
  4. Bro. Dan Holmes fed about 150 youth since the last council meeting. Another dinner will be held on May 5th, 2015.
  5. A first degree will be held in Burmese, with more information to follow. The first degree will need to be scheduled.
  6. Saturday, April the 18th, a very successful trivia night with benefits to the VA/Fischer House was held, no financial report was known at this time.
  7. First Wednesday of the month there will be a fourth degree at St. Thomas More.
  8. Bro. Bob Hudson is asking for volunteers to help scrub down the kitchen after the fish fries on Saturday 25th. Start time will be 9am.
  9. Please pray for: Fred Stephenson was discharged from the hospital with no where to go, Dick Suever, David Crawford,  Delaney Jane, Nancy Coltrane, Nancy VonCanon, Steve and Michelle Defilice, Joe Liuzza, Rolando Gurrero, Gary Maxwell.

Holiday Closed Campus – Letter from Fr. Jude Michael

Good Knights and Grand Master Cirino,

Peace and all good things!

It is not one of my more pleasant duties to call to task anyone at Holy Cross, but it does fall upon me. On Monday, Memorial Day, May 31st, I requested via e-mail, bulletin, the church announcements, as well as Monique’s verbal sharing, that Holy Cross campus is to be completely closed on that holiday. I could not have been clearer in this announcement. Regretfully, people who have “keys” to this campus believe, erroneously, that they can enter this building as they will. Not true!

I arranged to open and close the Church that day giving the entire staff a holiday. We celebrated Mass at 10 AM and contrary to my wishes, a rosary was prayed, a baptism held, and Eucharistic adoration continued, despite the fact on the door was the same message stated above. The only person who “requested” entrance was Guiselle, who normally cleans our church on Sunday, but wished to celebrate with her family and work on Monday. I granted this permission. Guiselle came in, turned off alarm, cleaned, and re-set the alarm, as per instruction. That evening, (we have video proof) some KoC entered the building, turned off the alarm, and played cards. Steve L. was called by the alarm company, arrived on campus, and I believe told the Knights the building is closed, however, the game ensued. I am aware that 2 people were still in the Eucharistic chapel at that time, they entered when the alarm was off and Guiselle was cleaning.

Holy Cross received a bill for $400 for this false alarm. Each time the company comes out to check, and it is a false alarm, that figure rises another $100. We do not have the funds to cover such costs and I would ask the KOC to discuss the contents of the letter and come up with a reasonable solution.

Fr. Jude Michael
June 4, 2015


Reply from Grand Knight

Father Jude Michael, good morning. We decided to donate $400 to the parish to offset the cost of this non-budgeted item; however, we would like to discuss future campus closings on Mondays as we have scheduled meetings on most Mondays through out the year. For example on Labor Day, we have a meeting in Spanish.

Since we will start our new fraternal year on July 1, we have a few other items that we are planning and would like to discuss. If you prefer, I can call you to schedule a meeting.

Grace and Peace,

Donald Cirino
Grand Knight • Holy Cross Council 10355
June 16, 2015

Monthly Notes – March 2015


  1. Welcome to Bro. Paul Cammick our newest member.
  2. Bro. David Crawford, and Bro. Steve Defelice are physically sick, please pray for them.
  3. Officers are required to report child abuse if they see it. See GK Don Cirino and he will assist you with an 800-number for the reporting of any child abuse if you see it occur.
  4. March 2, 2015 was a benefits night for the Council. The insurance rep, Bro. Darrell Swopes, attended.
  5. During the Fish Frys someone will be in the kitchen around noon. But generally assistance is needed at 4:30pm. Times of the Lenten fish frys are 5:30 to 7:30pm.
  6. Thank you to everyone who worked the previous breakfast.
  7. The 1st Saturday Rosary had a very small turnout only one knight attended. There will be no Rosary in April as this is Holy Saturday.
  8. Next Sandwich Ministry will be on Good Friday evening at 7pm. Last month was again successful with 15-20 in attendance.
  9. The Ophelia Perez family was recognized as the FOM for March.
  10. St. Pius X High School thanks us for our donation with to the students who traveled to Washington DC for a recent pro-life rally. The council also heard from Ms. Mary Ellen Cenzalli and four students from SPX Lauren Sill, Morgan Hernandez, John Michael Young, and Megan Ananadappa, who recently traveled to DC and thanked the council for our support.
  11. April 18, 2015 will be the next trivia night with benefits to the VA/Fischer House.
  12. Holy Thursday an Honor Guard is requested.
  13. Bro. Bob Diebold reminds everyone of the first degree at St. Thomas More on April 13th, 2015.
  14. Please pray for: Steve Defelice, persecuted Christians throughout the world, Dennis Clos, Jean Clos, David Crawford, PGK Vince Machey and wife, Eugene Vigil, Jim Holmes, Gary Maxwell, Donald Miley at St. Lawrence, Jim Moleta, Joe Smith, Alice Ettelman, Fred Stephenson, Delaney Jane, Nancy Coltrane, Nancy VonCanon.

Monthly Notes – February 2015

  1. We welcome Emmit “Spike” Hawkins, from Council 5062.
  2. We replaced the church’s flag on February 15th as a temporary flag until an all-weather flag can be obtained.
  3. We congratulate Bro. Jose Martinez, from the first Saturday Hispanic roundtable, who was married along with 8 other Hispanic couples.
  4. We’ll be having a Benefits Night on March 2, 2015.
  5. Fish Frys: someone will be here around noon. But generally we need folks at 4:30pm. Times of the Lenten fish frys are 5:30 to 7:30pm.
  6. Hispanic Lunch is February 28, 2015.
  7. Hispanic Youth Mass Moved to May.
  8. Ordination for Deacon Bernardo Buzeta was held at Holy Cross. Congratulate Deacon Bernardo when you see him! And David Hernandez is starting the diaconate program.
  9. The Free-throw challenge was successful. We had 20 participants. St. Thomas Moore will send 8 kids to district and hopefully on to state.
  10. First Wednesday of the month there will be a fourth degree at St. Thomas Moore.
  11. April 18, 2015 will be the next trivia night with benefits to the VA/Fischer House.
  12. Please pray for: Dick Suever, David Crawford, PGK Vince Machey and wife, Jim Moleta, Alicia Vigil, Isiah Vigil, Jim Holmes, Delaney Jane, Nancy Coltrane, Nancy VonCanon, Mareike Nueman, Edith Leisen, Eddie Scherer, Joe Smith.

Monthly Notes – January 2015

  1. We welcome John Cherevect who transferred from St. Thomas Aquinas!
  2. The State Deputy sends a big thank you for all we are doing.
  3. Before our next monthly business meeting, the St. Pius X/KOC scholarship recipients will present what they learned from the support life leadership retreat in Washington D.C.
  4. Thank you to Bob Hudson for the big breakfast turnout.
  5. A recruiting table will be at St. Pius X Catholic School on January 31. If you are interested in staffing the table see Gerry Burns.
  6. The Boy Scout flag has wear and will be replaced in June on Flag Day.
  7. CRHP Women’s Group is in need of food volunteers. Please consider.
  8. The State Convention will be in May.
  9. KOC benefits night will be combined with the First Monday Spanish roundtable and will be Monday March 2, 2015.
  10. The Gwinett Gladiators night for the KOC is January 21, 2015 dinner and game is $35.00.
  11. Fish Fry starts February 20, 2015. Many folks are needed for this. Please assist.
  12. We received a thank you note from Assembly 172, Bro. Dominic in holding the Christmas party together with our council.
  13. Bro. Don Conner reported that 16 from the Young Adults Catholic ministry helped to make sandwiches January 2, 2015 and 6 helped to deliver the sandwiches downtown for the Sandwich Ministry.
  14. Father’s Day of Reflection is January 31, 2015 at SPX; we will have a membership table at this event. Men are needed to man the table.
  15. The Stand for Life will be January 22, 2015 at Christ the King with Rosary at 9:30 am and Mass at 10:00am. We will line Peachtree Street from the Cathedral to Lenox Square for approximately one hour. Meet at 8:00 am to car pool to Christ the King.
  16. 40 days for life will be held in Marietta this year February 18th.
  17. Prayers are needed for the Pain Capable Act in the US House now. We pray this bill passes and goes to the Senate. The vote will be January 22, 2015.
  18. The Free-throw challenge will be February 8th 2015. Assistance is needed.
  19. We got a thank you from the 4th degree for the Christmas Party.
  20. April 18, 2015 will be the next trivia night with benefits to the VA/Fischer House.
  21. First Wednesday of the month there will be a fourth degree at St. Thomas Moore.
  22. Darrell Swope, our insurance rep, met with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson who sends his well wishes.
  23. Eucharistic Ministers to visit the sick KOC shut in. Good idea. What can we do as a Council? If interested, see David Crawford or Don Cirino.
  24. John Cherevect who transferred in needs assistance with a ride for each meeting. He lives off of Flowers Road.
  25. Please pray for: Henry Clark, Ed Armaru, Rose Kelly, Alicia Vigil, Dree Williams, Isiah Vigil, Jim Holmes, The Miles family, Nancy Coltrane, Pam Goehner, Nancy VonCannon, Lucy Melone, Gary Maxwell, Joan Read, Rolando Guerrera, Juan Mercado, Gustavo Hernandez, Lori Menke, Herb Broughton (deceased), Persecuted Christians throughout the world, Hostages held in the Middle East.