Monthly Notes – July 2015

  1. Reminder from Holy Cross that when the church is locked, the KOC must obtain permission to use the church. The KOC will be given access so that no alarms will be set off.
  2. The Garden ministry needs a shed for tools. Bro. Steve Liuzza is looking into a trailer/container for this and perhaps space for the wrecking crew to store furniture.
  3. Father Jude Michael would like the Mass of remembrance enhanced and made more spiritual, perhaps move to the sanctuary for the entire Holy Cross to participate. More details to follow.
  4. Bro. John Stevens is researching information about Squires (youth) and Columbettes (women), associates of the KOC.
  5. Email from Department of Religious Education, Barb Garvin, more catechist are needed for the youth program. Please contact Barb Garvin.
  6. CRHP women meet this weekend and CRHP men meet in three weeks.
  7. The Burmese community assists with landscape of Holy Cross and the KOC are feeds them
  8. We now have 230 members.
  9. There will be a 2nd degree held in August.
  10.  September 12, 2015 will be a 3rd degree at St. Pius X in Conyers, GA.
  11. Sandwich Ministry will start back up after the summer off. August 7th is when we will next meet at 6:30pm.
  12. Bro. Tom Carney and Bro. James Coltrane of the Wrecking Krewe delivered a truck and a trailer full of furniture for the Burmese community yesterday. Thanks to Bro. Hudson for the trailer.
  13. Our Family of the Month was the Bro. Dan Holmes Family.
  14. The Knight of the Month was Denis Clos.
  15. The Soccer Challenge will be on September 12th with the Parish Picnic.
  16. Please pray for: David Crawford, Denis Clos, Steve Defilice, Fred Stephenson, Rose Kelly, Vin Bryce, Diane and Walter Kahres and Betty Jo Kelly.