Monthly Notes – May 2015

  1. Welcome back to Outside Guard, Bro. Steve Defilice who had a severe stroke in February.
  2. David Crawford had a successful heart valve surgery.

  3. On May 31, 2015, approximately 26 will be receiving the first degree in their native language if possible.

  4. Fourth degree at the youth conference downtown on June 5th and 6th.

  5. Steak night might be held in September or October

  6. June 6th in Greensboro, GA a 2nd and 3rd degree will be held.

  7. There might be a possible 3×3 soccer tournament with a church picnic and a youth fundraiser.

  8. July will have a drama camp in the third week. We will not have breakfast for July.

  9. Tim Nadowski invited us to his Ordination on June 24th.

  10. Father Jude Michael thanked the Council for the donation to the Parish.
  11. Father Jude Michael thanked the Council for cleaning the kitchen.

  12. Next Sandwich Ministry will be August 7th.
  13. Project Selma, AL is a bus ride with Priest for Life to Selma. AL for the protection of the unborn abortion rally in Selma.

  14. We received congratulations from the state Grand Knight on our council celebrating its 25th anniversary.
  15. Please pray for: David Crawford, Denis Clos, Steve Defilice, Fred Stephenson, Rose Kelly, Mareihe Neuemann, Catherine Baker, Gary Maxwell, Jimmy Gallow, Barbara Craft.