Holiday Closed Campus – Letter from Fr. Jude Michael

Good Knights and Grand Master Cirino,

Peace and all good things!

It is not one of my more pleasant duties to call to task anyone at Holy Cross, but it does fall upon me. On Monday, Memorial Day, May 31st, I requested via e-mail, bulletin, the church announcements, as well as Monique’s verbal sharing, that Holy Cross campus is to be completely closed on that holiday. I could not have been clearer in this announcement. Regretfully, people who have “keys” to this campus believe, erroneously, that they can enter this building as they will. Not true!

I arranged to open and close the Church that day giving the entire staff a holiday. We celebrated Mass at 10 AM and contrary to my wishes, a rosary was prayed, a baptism held, and Eucharistic adoration continued, despite the fact on the door was the same message stated above. The only person who “requested” entrance was Guiselle, who normally cleans our church on Sunday, but wished to celebrate with her family and work on Monday. I granted this permission. Guiselle came in, turned off alarm, cleaned, and re-set the alarm, as per instruction. That evening, (we have video proof) some KoC entered the building, turned off the alarm, and played cards. Steve L. was called by the alarm company, arrived on campus, and I believe told the Knights the building is closed, however, the game ensued. I am aware that 2 people were still in the Eucharistic chapel at that time, they entered when the alarm was off and Guiselle was cleaning.

Holy Cross received a bill for $400 for this false alarm. Each time the company comes out to check, and it is a false alarm, that figure rises another $100. We do not have the funds to cover such costs and I would ask the KOC to discuss the contents of the letter and come up with a reasonable solution.

Fr. Jude Michael
June 4, 2015


Reply from Grand Knight

Father Jude Michael, good morning. We decided to donate $400 to the parish to offset the cost of this non-budgeted item; however, we would like to discuss future campus closings on Mondays as we have scheduled meetings on most Mondays through out the year. For example on Labor Day, we have a meeting in Spanish.

Since we will start our new fraternal year on July 1, we have a few other items that we are planning and would like to discuss. If you prefer, I can call you to schedule a meeting.

Grace and Peace,

Donald Cirino
Grand Knight • Holy Cross Council 10355
June 16, 2015