Monthly Notes – February 2015

  1. We welcome Emmit “Spike” Hawkins, from Council 5062.
  2. We replaced the church’s flag on February 15th as a temporary flag until an all-weather flag can be obtained.
  3. We congratulate Bro. Jose Martinez, from the first Saturday Hispanic roundtable, who was married along with 8 other Hispanic couples.
  4. We’ll be having a Benefits Night on March 2, 2015.
  5. Fish Frys: someone will be here around noon. But generally we need folks at 4:30pm. Times of the Lenten fish frys are 5:30 to 7:30pm.
  6. Hispanic Lunch is February 28, 2015.
  7. Hispanic Youth Mass Moved to May.
  8. Ordination for Deacon Bernardo Buzeta was held at Holy Cross. Congratulate Deacon Bernardo when you see him! And David Hernandez is starting the diaconate program.
  9. The Free-throw challenge was successful. We had 20 participants. St. Thomas Moore will send 8 kids to district and hopefully on to state.
  10. First Wednesday of the month there will be a fourth degree at St. Thomas Moore.
  11. April 18, 2015 will be the next trivia night with benefits to the VA/Fischer House.
  12. Please pray for: Dick Suever, David Crawford, PGK Vince Machey and wife, Jim Moleta, Alicia Vigil, Isiah Vigil, Jim Holmes, Delaney Jane, Nancy Coltrane, Nancy VonCanon, Mareike Nueman, Edith Leisen, Eddie Scherer, Joe Smith.