Monthly Notes – January 2015

  1. We welcome John Cherevect who transferred from St. Thomas Aquinas!
  2. The State Deputy sends a big thank you for all we are doing.
  3. Before our next monthly business meeting, the St. Pius X/KOC scholarship recipients will present what they learned from the support life leadership retreat in Washington D.C.
  4. Thank you to Bob Hudson for the big breakfast turnout.
  5. A recruiting table will be at St. Pius X Catholic School on January 31. If you are interested in staffing the table see Gerry Burns.
  6. The Boy Scout flag has wear and will be replaced in June on Flag Day.
  7. CRHP Women’s Group is in need of food volunteers. Please consider.
  8. The State Convention will be in May.
  9. KOC benefits night will be combined with the First Monday Spanish roundtable and will be Monday March 2, 2015.
  10. The Gwinett Gladiators night for the KOC is January 21, 2015 dinner and game is $35.00.
  11. Fish Fry starts February 20, 2015. Many folks are needed for this. Please assist.
  12. We received a thank you note from Assembly 172, Bro. Dominic in holding the Christmas party together with our council.
  13. Bro. Don Conner reported that 16 from the Young Adults Catholic ministry helped to make sandwiches January 2, 2015 and 6 helped to deliver the sandwiches downtown for the Sandwich Ministry.
  14. Father’s Day of Reflection is January 31, 2015 at SPX; we will have a membership table at this event. Men are needed to man the table.
  15. The Stand for Life will be January 22, 2015 at Christ the King with Rosary at 9:30 am and Mass at 10:00am. We will line Peachtree Street from the Cathedral to Lenox Square for approximately one hour. Meet at 8:00 am to car pool to Christ the King.
  16. 40 days for life will be held in Marietta this year February 18th.
  17. Prayers are needed for the Pain Capable Act in the US House now. We pray this bill passes and goes to the Senate. The vote will be January 22, 2015.
  18. The Free-throw challenge will be February 8th 2015. Assistance is needed.
  19. We got a thank you from the 4th degree for the Christmas Party.
  20. April 18, 2015 will be the next trivia night with benefits to the VA/Fischer House.
  21. First Wednesday of the month there will be a fourth degree at St. Thomas Moore.
  22. Darrell Swope, our insurance rep, met with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson who sends his well wishes.
  23. Eucharistic Ministers to visit the sick KOC shut in. Good idea. What can we do as a Council? If interested, see David Crawford or Don Cirino.
  24. John Cherevect who transferred in needs assistance with a ride for each meeting. He lives off of Flowers Road.
  25. Please pray for: Henry Clark, Ed Armaru, Rose Kelly, Alicia Vigil, Dree Williams, Isiah Vigil, Jim Holmes, The Miles family, Nancy Coltrane, Pam Goehner, Nancy VonCannon, Lucy Melone, Gary Maxwell, Joan Read, Rolando Guerrera, Juan Mercado, Gustavo Hernandez, Lori Menke, Herb Broughton (deceased), Persecuted Christians throughout the world, Hostages held in the Middle East.