Monthly Notes – December 2014

  1. Big thank you to Bob Eichenberg, Erik Peralta, Matt Sherer, Bob Hudson, and Tom Probst on the successful Christmas party.
  2. The Council night for the Posada is December 23rd.
  3. CRHP for Hispanic men had 45 participants and forty team members. KOC provided a breakfast and rosaries for those in attendance.
  4. Knights recruiting table will be at SPX on January 31, 2015. If you are interested in manning the table see Gerry Burns.
  5. Eucharistic ministers are need from the KOC. If interested, see Bro. David Crawford.
  6. Fourth Monday of the month is the first degree; info posted on the website.
  7. Big thank you to Bro. Jim Moleta for the Monastery chocolate sales in November and December.
  8. The first Saturday Rosary in December was held on December 6th. There were enough Knights in attendance to say the Rosary. The KOC sponsored posada will be December 23rd at 7:00pm. Wear shirts please. Next first Saturday Rosary will be held January 3rd, 2015.
  9. Sandwich Ministry had 10-15 volunteers from the Christ Renews His Parrish (CRHP) Spanish ministry helped to makes sandwiches. Next month, January 2, 2015, meet in the kitchen at 6:30 pm, to make sandwiches; should be done by 7:30 pm. Delivery is the first Saturday of the month, downtown. Next month, we are trying to find a group now to assist with preparations.
  10. The Blood Drive was held Saturday, December 6, 2014 and the Christmas party on December 13th, 2014. They were big successes.
  11. Jim Moleta also had big Monastery fudge sales duing the Christmas season.
  12. The National Night of Prayer was held December 8th and had big numbers thanks to the Spanish mass that evening for first Friday. Attendance was over 100 with 14 staying until 1am. Thank you to Father Abelardo.
  13. The Stand for Life will be January 22, 2015. We are taking a bus to the rally if there is enough interest. It will be held at Christ the King at 9:00am. We will line Peachtree Street from the Cathedral to Lenox Square for approximately one hour.
  14. The Free-throw challenge will be coming soon. Watch for announcements. No date is set.
  15. Dan Holmes and Jim Moleta served the youth a Christmas dinner.
  16. The Trivia night generated a check a great donation for the Wounded Warrior program. Everyone won a door prize.
  17. April 18, 2015 will be the next trivia night with benefits to the VA/Fischer House.
  18. First Wednesday of the month there will be a fourth degree at St. Thomas More.
  19. We offer condolences to the Gissy Family on the passing away of PGK Tom Gissy.
  20. The Monastery is celebrating its 70th year. Father James can book a KOC retreat.
  21. Sanford Hillsman and other Georgia KOC officers wish 10355 a Merry Christmas!
  22. Please pray for: Beth Stroud, Bill George, Emily Orr, Jim Holmes, Ruth Pastor, Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church, Geri Moreland, Beth Morford, Herb Broughton, deceased; Persecuted Christians throughout the world, Hostages of ISIS, Gary Maxwell, Dana Kelley, Daniel Kelley, Gil, Nancy Coltrane, Dennis Clos, and Pat Shields.