Knights Host 50 Families for FOCUS Family Fun Night

Knights, their families and friends hosted a Family Fun Night on September 6th at Holy Cross for 50 FOCUS family members and their 11 medically challenged children and the FOCUS support staff. The Fun Night is an opportunity to provide the facilities, manpower and meals for parents of children with special needs to allow them a much needed break while offering a fun-filled event for the children. Jim Moleta, with the support his friend Anielo, former owner of Capri Italian Restaurant, prepared an Italian dinner for an estimated 80 people. Dan Holmes assisted the master chef in preparing the food for the 7:30 to 10:00 pm event. Chuck Coltrane, Tom Carney and Tom Probst organized the parish hall and assembly room. Additional help in decorating, serving the dinner and mixing with the FOCUS families included Chuck Coltrane’s daughter Kassie, Steve Defelice, Rodney White, Tom Carney’s wife Leslie and daughter Katy, Eric Bynum with wife Ann and daughter Loren, Riley Lawhorn, Don Boyle with wife Monica, Matt Sherer, Pedro Aguilar, Eugene Vigil, and Gerry Burns. Special thanks to Chuck Coltrane for final cleanup and Gerry Burns who stayed until the FOCUS group had cleared and returned chairs and tables to the original room setup. Gerry Burns, who has been instrumental in working with FOCUS to host two events at Holy Cross for the past several years, commented – “A well-deserved thank you to all who came forward to make this event a success.”

The next event is the October 25th Boo-B-Q. If you would like to assist with this event or give a donation, contact Gerry Burns at

500 Soup Kitchen Sandwiches Made in 1 Hour

The Knights Wrecking Crewe and the Friday evening Hispanic Rosary Group collectively made 500 sandwiches Friday, September 5th, for distribution at the St. Francis Soup Kitchen at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Atlanta. Knights Don Connor (and wife Carol), Tom Carney (and daughter Katy), Eugene Vigil, Eric Peralta, Riley Lawhorn, Pedro Aguilar, Tom Probst (and wife Gabriela) and Don Cirino, along with 8 members of the Rosary Group, manned two assembly lines to prepare and bag 500 sandwiches in a little over one hour. Every 1st Friday, with the assistance of other Holy Cross ministries, the Wrecking Crewe makes sandwiches starting at 7:00pm in the Holy Cross kitchen. The following morning, a group leaves Holy Cross at 8:30am to not only deliver the sandwiches, but serve the homeless. On Saturday morning, September 6th, Tom Carney, Miguel Zumaran and Don Connor worked at the Soup Kitchen, serving meals and cleaning tables for the area homeless in and around the Shrine. If you or your Ministry are interested in assisting, please contact Don Conner or Ken Farnsworth at The next Sandwich Ministry will take place October 3/4th.