Monthly Notes – August 2014

  1. The 1st Hispanic Round Table was held and attended by five Knights.
  2. A Mass for Youth is planned for Feb. 28th, and a 4th Degree Honor Guard has been confirmed for the Mass.
  3. We thank those who assisted in selling Holy Cross 50th anniversary t-shirts.
  4. The soccer challenge is to be held at the September 13th 50th Anniversary Carnival and we need volunteers.
  5. The 1st Saturday Rosary on August 2nd had five members attending.
  6. The next Rosary is September 6th.
  7. Council Christmas Party is confirmed for Saturday, December 13th.
  8. The upcoming Fall 40 Days for Life will run September 24th through November 2. Council Knights will be working Wednesday evenings and Eugene asks for volunteers for all hours.
  9. The Wrecking Crew delivered donations by Henry Kelly to Father Ed.
  10. The Sandwich Ministry will be headed up by Ken Farnsworth and Don Conner.
  11. Gerry Burns will coordinate the upcoming FOCUS events: 9/6 spaghetti dinner and 10/25 Boo-B-Q. Please contact him to volunteer.
  12. A 1st degree is planned for August 25th.
  13. A 2nd Trivia Night is scheduled for November 15th.
  14. A 3rd Degree is planned for 9/13 at 10:00 at St. Pius in Conyers.
  15. Lecturer Dick Suever seeks a new initiative to assist families of deceased in order to volunteer the prayers and services of the Council. Dick will be further structuring the program but is looking for volunteers.